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Jira + Intercom: Generate Changelog to Intercom Articles

Keep your users informed and engaged with our innovative "Automate Weekly Changelogs" workflow. It efficiently compiles updates from Jira and publishes them on Intercom, streamlining your communication process.

Here's how our automation works its magic:

  • Jira Update Retrieval: The workflow starts by finding new updates or changes to tickets and issues from the last 7 days in your Jira account.
  • AI-Powered Summarization: These updates are then summarized into a changelog format using advanced AI, ensuring clarity and conciseness.
  • Intercom Article Creation: The summarized changelog is transformed into an article format and prepared for publishing on your Intercom account.
  • Weekly Schedule: Designed to run weekly, this automation provides regular updates to your users, keeping them informed about the latest developments in your product or service.
  • Customizable Inputs: To launch, simply fill in the required fields with your Jira and Intercom details, including account access, site name, filter name, and collection ID.
  • Optional Publishing Control: You have the option to publish the article immediately or keep it in draft for review, giving you control over when the information goes live.

This workflow not only saves time but also enhances transparency and user engagement by providing consistent and comprehensible updates directly to your audience.

$ 0.06 / Unit
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Consistent User Engagement

Enhance user experience with regular, AI-summarized changelogs. Our automated workflow ensures your users stay informed about the latest updates and developments, fostering continuous engagement and trust in your product or service

Efficient Communication Process

Streamline your communication strategy by automating the compilation and publication of changelogs. This efficient process eliminates manual effort, saves time, and ensures that your updates are clear, concise, and timely, allowing you to focus more on product development and user interaction

Customizable and Controlled Publishing

Gain full control over how and when your updates reach your audience. With options to customize the content and choose immediate or scheduled publishing, our tool empowers you to tailor your communication to suit your audience's needs and your organizational goals

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