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Match Invoices with Purchase Orders

Streamline financial reconciliation by seamlessly matching invoices with corresponding purchase orders. Retrieve invoices and purchase orders from separate Google Drive folders, ensuring they meet specific file criteria. Extract all essential details and consolidate the information in a standardized spreadsheet for centralized tracking.

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Google Drive
Google Sheets
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Simplified Reconciliation

Seamlessly match invoices with purchase orders from your Google Drive. Extract vital details and centralize in a standardized spreadsheet for hassle-free financial reconciliation.

Efficient Workflow

Retrieve, verify, and match! Access invoices and purchase orders from designated folders, ensure compliance with specific file criteria, and automate the matching process. Results directly emailed for immediate action.

Tailored for Modern Businesses

Compatible with popular formats such as PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and PDF. Perfectly suited for various sectors and industries to streamline departmental financial processes and enhance data visibility.

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