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Notion: Archive a teamspace

Keeping your Notion workspace organized has never been easier. Our new Wrkflow automates the archiving process, allowing you to focus on what matters.

Here's how our automation works its magic:

  1. Accurate Teamspace Identification: The tool accurately identifies the teamspace to be archived using the case-sensitive name provided.
  2. Seamless Cookie Integration: Utilizes the exported JSON cookie data from Notion for secure and smooth operation.
  3. One-Click Archive Activation: With a single launch, the specified teamspace is archived, cleaning up your workspace.
  4. Visibility Control: Archived teamspaces are removed from the visible list, decluttering your interface.
  5. Restoration Option: Teamspaces can be restored if needed, ensuring no data is lost permanently.
$ 0.35 / Unit
Website Automation
Screenshot 2024-01-18 102533
Efficiency in Workspace Management

Streamline the organization of your Notion workspaces, saving time and effort.

Enhanced Security and Reliability

Uses secure cookie data to ensure a safe and dependable archiving process.

Flexibility and Control

Offers the ability to easily restore archived teamspaces, providing flexibility and peace of mind.

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