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Invoice Approval With Employee in the Loop

Simplify your invoicing process with our automated workflow solution designed to streamline billing management for any sector and industry. From extracting invoice details to seamless QuickBooks Online integration, we ensure your billing management is efficient and error-free.

Here's how our automation works its magic:

  • Extracts invoice data and creates a user input form for approval.
  • Sends the approval request via Slack or email, waiting for the user's response.
  • Upon approval, automatically uploads the invoice data to QuickBooks Online.
  • If disapproved, sends an email notification regarding the decision.
$ 0.12 / Unit
Google Gmail
QuickBooks Online
Efficiency Across All Sectors

Our solution is versatile, catering to every sector and industry. It automates the tedious process of manual data entry and invoice approvals, saving valuable time.

Seamless Integration and Accuracy

By integrating directly with QuickBooks Online, we ensure accurate data uploads, minimizing errors and discrepancies in financial records.

Streamlined Communication

With automated approval requests via Slack or email, we enhance the communication flow, ensuring faster decision-making and a smoother approval process.

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