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HubSpot: Contact Deduplication & Data Merge

Simplify Your HubSpot Contact Management

Tired of the hassle and high costs associated with managing duplicates in your HubSpot contacts? Our innovative Wrkflow offers a cost-effective and efficient solution to streamline your contact management.

Here's how our automation works its magic:

  1. Automated Duplicate Identification: The Wrkflow meticulously scans your HubSpot Contacts to identify potential duplicates. Using advanced algorithms and Human-in-the-Loop , it ensures accurate detection and generates a detailed report of all duplicates.
  2. Customized Merging Process: In the second step, the Wrkflow uses the generated report and your specified merge rules (like 'Earliest Created Date') to decide which contacts to keep and which to merge. This bespoke approach guarantees a tailored solution for your contact management needs.
  3. Comprehensive Merging and Reporting: The Wrkflow then efficiently merges the identified duplicates in your HubSpot, based on the chosen rules. Post-merging, you'll receive a comprehensive merge report, detailing the changes made in your HubSpot account.
  4. Launch and Expectation: Simply complete the required fields, connect your HubSpot account, and launch. You can expect a Google Sheets report sent directly to your email, outlining the successful merging of duplicates.
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Efficient Duplicate Management

This Wrkflow offers a streamlined solution for identifying and merging duplicate contacts in HubSpot. It automates the tedious process of manually sifting through contacts, saving significant time and effort, and ensures that your contact list is free from redundancies, enhancing the overall quality of your database.

Customized Merging According to Business Rules

The Wrkflow allows users to set specific rules for merging duplicates, such as retaining the contact with the earliest creation date. This customized approach ensures that the merging process aligns with the unique preferences and requirements of your business, maintaining data integrity and relevance.

Cost-Effective Alternative to Premium Solutions

By providing an automated deduplication process without the need for expensive subscriptions like Operations Hub Professional, this Wrkflow presents a cost-effective solution. Businesses can save nearly $10,000 per year, making it an attractive option for organizations of all sizes seeking to optimize their CRM processes without incurring high fixed costs.

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