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Maintain email account health in by updating daily email limits

Managing the health of your email accounts has never been easier. Our automated workflow ensures your email campaigns run smoothly by adjusting daily limits based on account health scores. Here's how our automation works its magic:

  • Pulls health scores for all email accounts from specified campaigns.
  • Filters accounts based on health scores exceeding or falling below set thresholds.
  • Automatically updates daily limits for accounts outside these thresholds, enhancing email campaign efficiency.
$ 0.01 / Unit
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Efficient Email Management

Automatically adjust the email sending limits based on account health, ensuring optimal deliverability and engagement rates.

Scalable Campaign Optimization

Scale your email campaigns efficiently by maintaining account health, avoiding spam filters, and improving overall campaign performance.

Data-Driven Decisions

Make informed adjustments to your email strategy with health score thresholds, driving better outcomes through data insights.Launch Instructions

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