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Retrieve product details from G2

Say goodbye to hours of manual product research on G2. Here’s how our automation leads the way to comprehensive insights:

  1. Detects products listed on G2.
  2. Extracts core information: title, description, and official website.
  3. Delivers key data: pricing, average star ratings, and total reviews.
  4. Lists out pros, cons, and detailed user reviews.
  5. Presents authors, dates, tags, review content, and direct links.
  6. Delivers a perfect blend of tech and touch for unparalleled accuracy.
$ 0.19 / Unit
Website Automation
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Simplify your research process with our automation that swiftly detects and extracts essential product details from G2, from title and description to pricing and ratings.

Dive deep

Dive deep into consumer sentiment with detailed user reviews, inclusive of pros, cons, and author-specific insights, all presented in an organized manner.


Trust in a system that harmoniously melds technology with a human touch, ensuring you receive insights with unmatched precision and accuracy.

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